October 6, 2021

A guide to build your remote tech team

During the past months, remote work and hybrid organisations have become the norm.

It seems that this period of time has transformed our way of working to such an extent that a rollback to "traditional" organisations appears to be unachievable if you want to keep your attractiveness as an employer.

To confirm this assumption, we've surveyed 350+ companies that are hiring tech profiles.

📊  More than 89% of respondents have adopted a fully-remote or hybrid organisation and will continue working this way.

Only 6% of respondents are considering reverting to a fully on-site organisation in the near future.

To keep helping you in transitioning to remote or hybrid organisations, we've created a guide on Notion, including:

  • A current state of the remote work in tech (with data coming from talent.io)
  • 4 webinars to learn how to build your remote tech team
  • A roadmap to duplicate and use for each new remote onboarding

Find the guide here

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