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How to access the platform?

Start by creating an account, free of charge. A recruitment expert will get in touch with you right away to understand your needs and provide a detailed introduction to the platform. Once this step is completed, you'll be able to view and directly contact all our candidates.

Where do you find your candidates?

We use around twenty different channels. We have a team of specialised sourcers for sales roles. Our growth marketing team is also involved, particularly through highly targeted campaigns on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram...

How do you qualify the profiles?

Each profile is reviewed by a Talent Advocate who assesses if it meets our essential criteria (experience in a tech company, immediate availability, salary aligned with the market). In case of any doubts, we reach out to the candidate to delve deeper into their profile before making a decision.

What happens if a candidate leaves my company?

If, unfortunately, a new hire leaves your company within 90 days, we offer you a new recruitment for the same role and salary.

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